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Mandarin classes provide a lively start to each weekday – and there’s a language level that’s right for you! 

Early topics include:

  1. Greetings: saying hello and goodbye, introductions
  2. Out and About: buying in shops, ordering in cafes and restaurants
  3. About me: talking about ‘my’ likes and dislikes
  4. About others: asking questions about their lives and routines
  5. Socialising: asking for advice, making appointments, apologising
Student sat with teacher learning conversational Mandarin


Visits to local sites of interest help you appreciate the past, the present and the future of China in the world. Each trip, listed below, takes about two or three hours, and is accompanied by Mandarin speakers as well as our team members from the UK.

  1. Walking Trail: follow the clues around Lanzhou Old Town and explore the fascinating markets
  2. Gansu Provincial Museum: explore at your own pace but don’t miss the stunning Silk Roads installation
  3. Science Park: enjoy the interactive displays and get a full ‘hands-on’ experience
  4. Yellow River: discover the power of the river and its significance as the birthplace of Chinese civilisation.
  5. The Silk Factory: marvel at the life cycle of the Mulberry Silkworm and the ingenious processes of spinning and weaving.


Our five workshops allow you to experience Chinese culture first hand. They also provide a great opportunity for you to meet and work with local students of similar age.  

  1. Art: try your skills at one of these Chinese art forms – calligraphy, paper-cutting, landscape drawing
  2. Food & Dining: discover how to make Ramen Noodles and improve your chopstick skills
  3. Tea & Hospitality: learn the art of the traditional tea ceremony, and take the tea-tasting test
  4. Learning Styles: find out about Confucian values, daily routines in schools and the prestigious Gaokao
  5. Chinese Medicine: restore your energy balance (Yin & Yang) with help from traditional Chinese Medicine – wood, fire, earth, metal or water?


These seminars are delivered in English by course leaders and local experts. They help you make the most of visits and excursions during the course:

  1. The city of Lanzhou: from its origins as a prominent city along the Silk Road to its role as a leading centre of technology and research
  2. The ancient Silk Road: a fascinating video journey along the trade routes that carried goods from East to West for hundreds of years.
  3. Trade with the world: silk, paper, gunpowder, spices, tea, and, above all, ideas, travelled across 4,000 miles.
  4. Looking to the future: science, technology and industry in modern China and claims that China and the Pacific Rim hold the key to the 21st Century.
  5. Early civilisation: the significance of the Yellow River in world culture, alongside the Nile, the Tigris and the Indus rivers.


There’s never a dull moment with plenty to do in the evenings and in any spare time! 

The sports facilities at our partner school are excellent and you are very welcome to join in the following activities:

  1. tennis, table tennis and football coaching
  2. martial arts or street dancing

But don’t forget the Group Presentation! It’s the perfect opportunity to create a memory that you’ll treasure for life. It’s the chance to reflect on what you’ve seen and experienced during your stay in China.  You’ll be working with two or three classmates to create a PowerPoint presentation for the whole group, on a topic of your choice that might include:

  1. ‘Our impressions of life in Lanzhou’
  2. ‘Our personal experiences on the Silk Road’
  3. ‘What can we learn as visitors from another culture?’

…but you will, no doubt, come up with your own wonderful ideas. After all, as Xunzi teaches, experience generates true learning!


12 July – 26 July 2024
26 July – 9 August 2024

(Including non-refundable deposit of £900)
All flights, accommodation, meals, guides, and entrances included in the course price. Price excluding flights: £4300.